The software services company, Swiftqueue Technologies Ltd., is a leading supplier of appointment scheduling services for the healthcare industry. Swiftqueue has been engaged by a number of NHS Trusts to deliver online appointment bookings for COVID-19 Vaccinations. Nearly 600,000 appointments have been made through the Swiftqueue service to date. It has recently come to the company’s attention that a small number of clinics have had the queuing link shared with people that are not the intended recipients, resulting in a small number of people trying to access Covid Vaccines fraudulently.

The online queuing system is designed to be quick and easy to use. Once an eligible recipient of the vaccine is invited to book their vaccine appointment by the NHS or their GP, they log on and use Swiftqueue software to book an appropriate time using the link to the service they have received. As part of the terms and conditions of the service, when they arrive at their allotted time, they must show proof of eligibility and identity to enable them to be vaccinated. If they are due to be vaccinated they will be. If they have deceptively tried to jump the vaccine queue, they will not be vaccinated and will be turned away.

Speaking about the queue jumping today, Brendan Casey, Swiftqueue CEO has said that “anyone who books to get the vaccine fraudulently will be turned away – full stop. Some people have used links shared with them to try and falsely get the Covid vaccine. If they book and attend the clinic to try and jump the queue and they do not have proof of eligibility and they will be turned away.”

“The NHS’s current approach prioritises the elderly and those on the front line, health and social care workers, and the clinically vulnerable to be vaccinated first. If you get an appointment, please use it. If you are eligible and get an invitation, please get an appointment. If you do get an invitation by a shared link dishonestly to make an appointment, I am asking that you don’t – as you will be wasting healthcare workers valuable time and you won’t be vaccinated. You must be eligible to be vaccinated to receive the vaccine” Brendan continued.

Each NHS Trust has applied their own rules for the eligibility and availability of COVID-19 Vaccinations and Swiftqueue would recommend to please consult with your GP or NHS Trust to check your eligibility at this time. The Vaccine is being rolled out in a controlled way and these links are ONLY to be shared by invite only by the NHS Trust.

Anyone booking an appointment who is not eligible and does not comply with the current NHS Eligibility requirements will not be seen.


Further information

Kieran O’Byrne CCIPR for Swiftqueue. (+353 86 254 7949)