Important Notification for all patients that have blood test appointments booked in the Southend and Basildon areas.

Dear patient,

Please see the following important announcements for the current coronavirus pandemic.

1) Paediatric Blood Tests


Please note that if the patient is under 18 years of age, they are a paediatric patient.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, GPs in the SOUTHEND area have been tasked with performing URGENT only paediatric blood tests during this period. 

The blood test form will state URGENT in the top right-hand corner.  If your request form states urgent, and you live in the SOUTHEND area, please contact your GP.  Your GP will triage the blood test requirement to ascertain its clinical priority and contact the on-call Consultant at Southend Hospital who will arrange for a Paediatric Outpatient appointment for the patient. 

If the blood test is not deemed urgent the GP will arrange an appointment at the surgery once business as usual resumes.

If the patient has an appointment that is booked for the future on Swiftqueue, at any site other than your GP, the family of the patient will be contacted to cancel this appointment.

2) Southend Hospital

From Monday 11th May until further notice, , blood test services will operate from the Ground floor, Out Patients Department at Southend Hospital. The main Outpatients Department is situated in the Tower Block, entry is via car park F. A map can be found here.

To book your blood test online please visit or telephone 01702 746065.

We apologise for the recent relocation of clinics. It is due to the pandemic, its impact on different sites and minimising risk to our patients and staff.

3) Southend Area Clinics

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and in order to maintain the safety of our staff and patients, several of our clinics have closed. If you still require a blood test, please check your booking and if necessary, rebook at another clinic.

The following Southend Phlebotomy Clinic Locations are closed:
Leigh on Sea primary Care, Southend Medical Centre, Thorpedene, Eastwood Road, Hockley, Tyrells, Rayleigh, Hadleigh, Kent Elms Corner, Leigh PCT, Purfleet Clinic, Stifford Clays and Great Wakering.

For blood test patients in the Southend area the Valkyrie Primary Care Centre on the Ground Floor is available.

To book your blood test online please visit or telephone 01702 746065.

4) Canvey Island Clinics

For all patients requiring a blood test on Canvey Island please book online for testing at

  • Canvey Primary Care Centre (Canvey Paddocks)
  • Sydervelt Clinic

To book your blood test please book online at or telephone 01702 746065. 

5) Basildon Phlebotomy Clinics

The Outpatients Department at Basildon University Hospital is closed for blood tests due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

The following Basildon Phlebotomy Clinic Locations are closed:
Laindon, Stifford Clays, St. Mary’s, Aveley, East Tilbury, Peartree, Tilbury Civic Square, Purfleet, Brook Road Grays, Darenth Lane South Ockendon, Hassengate Medical Centre .

To book your blood test please book online at or telephone 01702 746065.  For all blood tests in the Basildon, Thurrock, Grays and Tilbury areas please book your blood test appointment at either:

  • Orsett Hospital
  • St. Andrew’s Centre, Billericay

From Tuesday 28th April 2020 appointments will also be available at the Thurrock Community Hospital.  Appointments can be booked online now at or telephone 01702 746065.


As I’m sure you will be aware, we need to do everything we can to minimise the risk of infection of Covid-19 and the safety of our patients and staff is an absolute priority. To this effect we wish to minimise the number of people visiting and this is the reason for moving the clinics to an alternative venues from 8am Monday 30 March.

We will keep our website for blood test appointments updated but if you are unable to look online, please call 01702 746065.

To ensure social distancing we request you do not arrive earlier than five minutes before your appointment time.

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not attend your appointment.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. Safety is our priority and we have been working with public health teams to minimise risk to staff and patients.

Kind regards

Nikki Smith
Phlebotomy Operations Manager