NHS Trusts across the UK will begin vaccinating patients against coronavirus at Hospital Hubs from this week at the start of the biggest immunisation programme in the history of the NHS. (6th Dec 2020)

People aged over 80 as well as care home staff will be first to receive the COVID-19 Vaccination, as well as NHS staff who are at higher risk. NHS staff are working through the weekend to prepare for the launch of the programme with the first vaccinations happening this week.

There are 50 hubs in the first wave and more hospitals will start vaccinating over the coming weeks and months as the programme ramps up. Patients aged over 80 who are already attending hospital as an outpatient, and those who are being discharged home after a hospital stay, will be among the first to receive the COVID-19 Vaccination.

Hospitals will also begin inviting over 80s in for appointments and work with care home providers to book their staff in to vaccination clinics. Any appointments not used for these groups will be used for healthcare workers who are at highest risk of serious illness from Covid-19. All those vaccinated will need a second booster 21 days later.

GPs and other primary care staff are also being put on standby to start delivering the COVID-19 Vaccination. A  number of GP-led Primary Care Networks (PNC’s) will begin doing so during the following week (week beginning 14 December) with more practices in more parts of the country joining in on a phased basis during December and in the coming months.

Vaccination centres treating large numbers of patients in sporting venues and conference centres will come online when further supplies of the vaccine become available.

Swiftqueue are working with a number of NHS Trusts to help deliver Online Appointments and Realtime Clinic Management across a wide range of clinic settings as part COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout.